Can I return the purchased goods?

Of course, if they have not been used and are not destroyed. The right to return is entitled to the buyer within 14 days from the receipt of orders. Refund takes place after receiving the subject of sale by the buyer. It is the buyer who covers the cost of the shipment. For more information you are welcome to read the Return Policy section.

What if my order is damaged, incomplete or does not fulfill its function?

We make every effort to make the things purchased arrive undamaged. However, when the purchased thing has been destroyed or cannot be used for its intended purpose, please contact us in order to solve the problem. Each case is considered individually. There are numerous possibilities to solve the problems. In such cases please contact us via our website or email:

How can I check whether you are trustworthy?

Since 2014 we have had a shop on Ebay. By clicking on the following link you can check all the opinions about us and our range, as well as of the service we provide.

Will I be informed when the subject I am interested in, which was sold out, will be available again?

Yes. If you have an account with us, there is a feature available: send me an email alert when the product is available again. When you activate this feature, an email is automatically sent when the product appears in our shop again.

Can I choose the way of delivery other than assigned to a specific product?

Unfortunately not. The manner of delivery has been selected in terms of weight, type of the product and the place of delivery. The costs of shipping and packing of the goods are calculated so that they are at the lowest possible level.

How often is the offer on the website updated?

The offer on the website is updated once every two weeks or even more often, every time after each delivery of the goods.

We work very hard to make each product visible on the website available, however, mistakes can happen. In these rare cases we immediately contact the customer in order to solve the problem.

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